Birding day out yesterday

Started out early, very cold, temps down to -2c

Dowthwaitehead yesterday from Crookwath. Looked and felt v cold!

plannedto get to Cearlaverock , the Wildfowl Wetlands Trust, near Dumfries To watch the Whooper swans getting their early morning feed. These are wild swans that have flown non stop OVER 800 miles from Iceland to winter here on the Solway in the UK. We also saw 1000’s of Bewicks, probably in their 10’s of thousands ….utterly spectacular.

Then on way way home stopped near Carlisle to watch the starlings going to roost, again there were 10’s of thousands of them. The birds do this dance before landing and roosting for the night, they swirl like a fast moving cloud, all seeming to k ow where each is flying, not bumping in to